SAMBAS - Modeling Probable Pathways of Illegal Immigration Across the U.S. Border with Mexico

One of the key challenges in securing the US border is deterring the smuggling of illicit goods and humans between the Ports-of-Entry (POEs). While technologies from other law enforcement sectors could provide an advantage to USBP operations such as predictive hot-spot policing, these advances will miss the pathways that smugglers have taken to cross between POEs. Simulation Analysis and Modeling for Border Apprehension and Security (SAMBAS) represents an advancement in the utilization of simulations and modeling approaches by field agents to support Border Security. Built on empirically-driven social and geospatial science about decision-making patterns of those illegally entering the United States between POEs, the resulting Probable Pathways software will integrate generalized intelligence and insights on smuggler behavior at the Sector level; process the results within 1 hour of query; provide updatable probable pathways across user-defined location and time-periods; and presented in an easy-to-use framework alongside a training manual and user examples.

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